~C  H  I  N  T  A  R  O~


What’s included when you purchase a PET puppy from Chintaro?

Microchipping, worming since birth, flea treatment, a full set of C3 vaccinations, desexing and a set of Dogs Australia (formerly known as ANKC) limited pedigree papers, transferred into your name.  You also have the peace of mind in knowing that all Chintaro puppies have a full health clearance from my vet as well as the assurance that you are buying from a genuine, ethical, responsible, and registered breeder.

New owners will also receive premium dog food, some puppy pads, as well as a blanket and toy for your new family member to take home.

I encourage all my prospective puppy buyers to check with Dogs West to validate my membership.


My price can vary but nearly always states NON-NEGOTIABLE.  I have no problems if you ask me to reduce the price, but please don’t be offended if the answer is a firm no.

I only ever breed to improve the dogs and lines that I have with the main goal of a puppy being introduced to the show ring in my show team.  However, on occassion there will be pet puppies available.

As this is the case a series of factors determines my pricing.

If you read my welcome page, you would know that I have imported dogs from Europe, the UK and across the pond.  I did this at considerable expense to improve the lines I had, so if a puppy is from lines that I have imported my personal cost is already over $20,000.00 as I have had to pay for quarantine, health tests, vet bills, accommodation, shipping, and the purchase price.

All prospective parents are health tested prior to being used for mating.  These tests include eyes, heart, patella examinations and bacterial swabs.  Each of these tests is in excess of $100.00 per test, per dog.

If puppies are born to an interstate stud dog, then these costs must be taken into consideration.  The amount adds up when you pay for flights there and back, progesterone testings on the girl I am looking to send and of course the stud fee itself.  Here I would already be more than $4,500.00 out of pocket before even finding out that my girl is in whelp.

Once pregnancy is confirmed, my girls have at least one if not two ultrasounds during their pregnancy, ($120.00 per scan) and sometimes also an x-ray ($500.00) closer to their due date.  Hopefully all is well, and a c-section is not required otherwise the prices start at $1,800 for a c-section, with that pricing not including after hours or emergency pricing.

Once puppies are born they are registered with my State Body which is Dogs West.  Regardless of whether puppies go on the main or limit register, it is a flat fee of $50.00 per puppy, with another $40.00 per pup added on to these prices when transferring to new owners for the required pedigree papers.

Before leaving home, all puppies are desexed, microchipped, wormed and fully vaccinated at a cost of over $400.00 per puppy.  Another visit to the vet for a full health check after desexing, and prior to going to their new home is another $120.00.

During the time of birth, weaning and beyond, the parents and pups are always fed premium dog food and of course there is the time factor which is just huge.

All of my dogs are raised lovingly in a home environment and socialized from birth until they leave home, and I can’t even begin to tell you how many hours that this entails.

All I ask is this… Before even thinking about trying to negotiate with a genuine ethical breeder, think of all of the above and know just how much time, effort, love and money we put into our breeding programs when we decide to mate, whelp and raise a litter all with the sole outcome being about improving the breed.


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