Chintaro Chihuahua's

A Chintaro Puppy

My prices include desexing, a full set of C3 vaccinations, microchipping, pedigree papers and the assurance that you are buying from a genuine, ethical and responsible breeder.

I ask all my prospective puppy buyers to check with Dogs West and receive validiation on my membership.


But please note - my puppy prices are NOT NEGOTIABLE.

Alot of people try to get me to change my price, but unless they are advertised differently NON NEGOTIABLE means exactly that.

Please understand by being an ethical registered breeder, my costs add up also!

*. For example:   If the puppy is from lines that I have imported my cost already is between $10,000 - $15,000 just for quarantine, health checks, vet bills, shipping and purchase.

*. All my dogs are  "health tested" and this can cost up to $100 depending on what I am testing for. (Per test!)

*. My pups before leaving home are also health checked - again between $50 - $80 per puppy.

*. All my pups are desexed, microchipped, wormed and fully vaccinated. ($200+ per puppy)

*. My pups are registered with DogsWest with a litter registration of $60 and then placed on either main or limited papers which costs $58 (main) or $45 (limited) and then of course there is another transfer fee when a new owner purchases. $43 (main) $33 (limited).

*. If puppies are born because I used an outside stud dog on my female - then these costs must be taken into consideration as well.  Flights (if needed for inter state matings), progesterone testing and of course the stud fee.  Again depending on the lines you want to bring in to your own dogs you are already $2000+ out of pocket.

*. There is the consideration and health of the female to take into account.  Mine have at least one if not two ultrasounds ($120+), and hopefully all goes well and they do not need a c-section due to an emergency ($1600+) they are always given premium dog food, and of course so are the pups when they are weaned, and last but not least there is the TIME factor once born.

*. All my pups are raised lovingly and socialized from birth until they leave home.  I cant begin to tell you how many hours that is alone.

So please, please, before even thinking about trying to negotiate with a genuine ethical breeder, think of all of the above, and know just how much time, effort, love and money we put into our breeding to do the utmost best we can when deciding to mate, whelp and raise a litter.